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C.R. Richards

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Praise For "The Obsidian Gates"

Trust, betrayal, intrigue — The Obsidian Gates is an epic adventure of good versus evil in an imaginative and colorful world. My only disappointment was reading the words “The End.”

- Wendy Terrien International bestselling author of The Rampart Guards


“The Obsidian Gates (Heart of the Warrior Book Two), by C.R. Richards, is a gripping tale of courage and sacrifice as the men who have sworn to save their land Andara battle the evil forces intent upon gaining command of it. The appealing, vividly-drawn characters struggle to overcome centuries of political intrigue as well as mysterious powers arrayed against them. In this sequel to The Lords of Valdeon, (Heart of the Warrior Book One) the award-winning Richards continues this sweeping adventure in breathtaking style.” 

--Yvonne Montgomery, author of the Wisdom Court Books, Edge of the Shadow;
A Signal ShownAll in Bad Time


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Praise for the series

"The author really got me hooked with the characters - they are so lifelike!" -Cassandra M's Place

"There's something about these characters that just made me need to know what happens to them all." - Riddle's Reviews

"I loved it and think my teenagers would enjoy it, too. I'm eager to see the rest of the series as it ispublished!" - Mary Mahaney

"This book is like the Night Circus in its extensive descriptions, mixed with Star Wars' family feud, with a hint of fantasy and mystery mixed in. I think this is an amazing start to the series, and my expectations are high for the nextbook!" - Between Printed Pages

"Intense and involved without being overdone." - Shelf Life




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